Staff Biographies

Jordan Bettany

About me… where to start!?

Living in a crazy household, the eldest of 4 girls, lots of animals (chickens, ducks, tortoises, rabbits, cats) there is never a quiet or dull moment (maybe that’s where my need to spin a million plates comes in), my dad is definitely outnumbered, surrounded by females, his only male accomplice is the cat Oscar!

I LOVE the sun so summer is definitely my favourite time of the year; what’s not to love? BBQ’S, garden parties and most importantly that summer glow!

I started out, which feels like many moons ago, working for a family business at the weekends. This is where I found my love for Customer Service! Then off to Matalan in 2010; I joined the team on a part time basis to fit around my studies. 6TH Form was coming to an end and the decision between UNI (at this stage picking a course I wasn’t 100% on) or a promotion? I decided to take the promotion and I’ve never looked back or regretted my decision. Over time I worked my way up into management, both floor management and back office.

And here I am- full circle at CONTRAST!

Initially I had no clue what an agency was, why is this person ringing me and how are they going to help me? 3 meetings later, I took the plunge! I am glad Kate called me that day, but recruitment is no walk in the park, but I love that I am constantly learning and that it’s such a fast-paced environment – definitely keeps me busy.

I am entirely focused on recruiting for companies in the surrounding areas of Macclesfield, one of Britain’s most vibrant, opportunity driven locations. Proud to be playing our part in helping it function better both for employers and for people looking to move ahead with their careers. I’m dedicated to office support from; receptionists to PA’s and all the in between.

I love talking to people to understand what makes them tick (plus I’m pretty nosey), meeting them face to face and having that moment where you KNOW they absolutely on point for the client. We all work as a team at Contrast, helping each other out and lending a hand when needed, we are literally like an extended family (another group of girls), which is currently growing (with more baby girls on the way).

Saffron Collins-Cooper

Talking about myself isn’t something I like … but here goes!

I have always been quite independent, I’m very stubborn in certain situations and as the girls say here, I get too emotionally involved with ‘sweaty palms’ when things are getting intense… I’m a clear Cancerian (a crabby, emotional wreck who wears her heart on her sleeve – and that was before having a baby!)

My career started out after leaving University and I joined a 5* hotel on their Graduate Management Scheme, running round like a headless chicken on a daily basis, stressing about staffing issues, missed deliveries and the continuous Customer satisfaction, I knew that 5 years later when I decided to leave the Hospitality Industry I needed a new pathway that would equally keep me on my toes.. And Recruitment certainly does that!!

The job is a rollercoaster, it’s an infectious buzz with incredibly high weeks and then weeks that send you to the bottom of a bottle (or two) of wine, but that’s the beauty of working with people… you just never know what’s going to happen next. However, the team you have around you is the key to staying afloat in my opinion and I’m lucky to have found Contrast as my work family.

In my personal life, my family and friends are everything!

I’ve enjoyed the early years with my girls on the dance floor until the AM hours, making endless memories… now we are all hitting the 30 mark instead of fake tan, eyelashes, LBD’s and boy drama – we are heading towards weddings, hen do’s, baby showers, talks on what bargains we’ve managed in the bargain aisle of Aldi or Lidl, and looking forward to getting in bed at 9pm. After meeting my own partner-in-crime nearly 4 years ago, we saw 2019 being the best year yet and welcomed our gorgeous little girl Harper-Beau, in addition to our fur-baby Blue, a crazyyyyyy Cocker Spaniel.

So that’s me… 2020 will be my return to our Contrast family and I can’t wait to see what’s instore.

Nat Bailey

Spending time with my family (I have 3 children age 9 and 3 and a big fur baby, Roxy (GSD x Husky) and another little girly on the way!) outside and having fun is the best thing to do after a hard-working week in Contrast Towers! Being from a farming background and growing up in a house full of men I have a passion for DIY (NOT flat pack furniture) and starting (and sometimes finishing) projects.

I started my working life in retail and quickly realised it wasn’t for me, so I started my first office job in a PPI call centre (tssss), towards the end of my career here I managed a call centre of around 30 salespeople. I then went on to car finance and thoroughly enjoyed the automotive industry but wanted to start my own venture in dog walking and home boarding, although a very successful business the arrival of my little girl meant me going on maternity and then picking up where I left off in an office environment. Kate gave me a chance and now here I am 2 years later working with the best bunch of girls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (that’s about as sentimental as I’ll ever get)!

I love talking to salespeople so agreed with Kate this would be where my focus would lie – in all sales roles. From Lead Gen & Customer Service to Business Development Managers and Sales Directors. I love doing a 360 role in recruitment I tend to spend my time looking for GOOD companies to work with and sales people who I can really get behind, if I believe in you then we will find you a role or your company the best sales people – let’s be honest good sales people are worth their weight in gold.

So, to wrap it up Kate told us we had to say how amazing it is to work here at Contrast HA! She didn’t but it is true, again cheese alert but the girls are like a second family – we get stuck in and work hard together as a team. What more could you ask for…apart from a water fountain full of prosecco or even better Coors light for the rough days. I can honestly say that I love working here, don’t get me wrong it’s hard and you absolutely have to roll with the punches but with a team who pick you up when you’re low it’s pretty easy to bounce back fighting – it also helps being 7 months pregnant with the bounce!

Cait Dyson

I am a lover of theatre and art and all things creative. During most of my spare time I have my head stuck in a fiction novel, attempting to do Yoga, (mostly flopping on the floor in defeat) or just simply being outside as much as possible. As a youngster I admit, I aspired to be a popstar, as we all do, however after finishing college I continued my journey through hospitality, achieving high levels of customer service.

Soon after I moved to Macclesfield, I started working in Telesales, which gave me confidence over the phone, and the optimistic mindset I show in my work. In this type of work, it is critical to remain positive no matter what happened on the last call, and it shows in your results! I loved the fast pace of my job in Telesales; however, I wanted a role where I could recognise my own “little wins” and challenge myself more.

As the new starter at this company I can say I’ve never been welcomed more. Contrast is a little family.

As I mentioned I am a lover of all things creative, when Kate suggested my focus be on Marketing and Creative roles, I couldn’t agree more. From Marketing Executives to PR Account Managers to Public Relation Trainees, I love speaking to people who are passionate about their job. After all, we spent at least 40 hours of our week at work, if you roll out of bed and drag yourself to work, you’re probably not enjoying it enough.

Even though my time here at Contrast only recently started, I already feel part of the team and love coming into the office every morning. I celebrate my “little wins” and so do the other ladies, and we all support each other as one. No hierarchy, no “I’m better than you” rubbish. This role is challenging but rewarding, and with a second family helping you along, it’s a pleasure to be part of the team.

Tom Walton

I am the Business Manager at Contrast and have over 17 years of experience recruiting across temporary and permanent markets placing highly qualified professionals in the IT, Construction and Healthcare industries. Currently I am focused on growing the Contrast business by developing our internal talent in their sector specialisms as well as providing a value-add service to businesses across the Cheshire and Staffordshire regions. I prides myself on understanding the needs of our clients by spending time to get to know their technical and cultural requirements and matching that with like-minded local talent. Businesses in the area can reach out with their requirements, confident of a tailored and personal approach.

Now residing in Staffordshire but originally from South London I, like many, ‘fell into recruitment’ after postgraduate studies and always enjoyed the diverse range of people you come into contact with whilst doing this job. Having the opportunity to assist individuals achieve their career aspirations as well as providing a customer centric approach to clients has always given me great satisfaction. Outside of working life I enjoy family trips to the cinema (with my wife and boys who are all self-confessed sci-fi nerds) and sinking the occasional ale with friends – ideally locally brewed of course!

Kate Pexton

I am Kate and I founded Contrast in November 2014 after 18 years in recruitment; a large part of that period recruiting for recruitment businesses globally. I know a bit about people and my interest in communication from an early age spurred me to study Languages at University. I have a naturally helpful nature and coupled with my (slightly) competitive attitude and general lust for life; a role where no two days are the same is perfect for me. Weirdly, I don’t ever think of what I do as a “job”, or “work” as I love what I do, and I love it when people around me love what they do.

Outside of my recruitment passion, I am Mother to the most wonderful human, Bobbie, and I have been with my husband for 25 years. I grew up on a farm in Yorkshire and am happiest when in the countryside surrounded by my family and animals. I have a big, slobbery boxer called Fergus and 2 horses. At the weekend I can mainly be found show jumping or on the yard with my equestrian family. Highlights of the year are Badminton horse trials, where 5 of us make the annual descent, and Driffield show (which everyone in the office knows is the third Wednesday in July; woe betide anyone who books anything into my diary on THAT day….)